Big Anouncement: Calling all souls…


Listen, God is calling all souls now. He is willing to accept you just the way you are and work with you at whatever point you are at.

I got married, stopped reading my bible, started drinking 2 beers a night. I was vain went shopping for no reason…I already had everything. I fell in lust with my Husband. God actually took me back. I didn’t say a prayer or anything. He is using me to do his work now. But the real reason I am writing this post is because I know energies are moving at great speed now. I am talking about good and bad energies. God is accepting souls. He will work with you. He is not harsh and unforgiving (not now) like we know him to be. Please, if you are seeking God and want to have a loving relationship with him, now is the time. He will just accept you. God is transforming my life. He is giving me promotions, letting me in on secrets, inspiring me to write books. God is amazing. I don’t believe in giving people prayers but if you want you can say…


“God I know your power, presence, and mercy is so great.

Please accept me, and work with me to be more like you.

Fill me up with your love and let me know you are there.

Guide me so that I am found fit to enter  your Holy Kingdom.

Thank you Lord.”

I am not someone who says the name of  “Jesus Christ” that much, but you can if it feels right for you. God is accepting people as they are now. Say the prayer out loud, he will show you. Please check out my blog post called “Energies at Play around you.”

Love and blessings.


Energies at play around you

priestess empowered

I write this blog post at 2:36 pm. I know you are thinking don’t you have anything better to do at 2:36 in the afternoon. Its my day off folks. There are many energies at work. I am telling you about them because I would rather you take advantage of them than than live a life you don’t like because of some energies around you causing stuff to happen etc. let me if I can name the different types of energies that hang around

  1. Aura Energy – comes from beliefs and thoughts we hold on to and have
  2. Ancestors (spirit guides) – We all have them. they will influence you because its their job to. Most Spirit guides have really old souls. That is why you often find people love old things, old music, old cars, older women, old towns etc You get it.
  3. Earth bound souls – Its is not with happiness I write about this, but they do exist too.These are usually unhappy souls, that hang around causing negative things to happen or assisting us in causing negative things to happen. They are in spirit and unhappy, and enjoy attention from he physical world.
  4. There are good souls – don’t think all souls hanging around are bad. There are good ones too.
  5. Angels – Angels exist too. But they don’t just hang around. They are usually called in (by God) to prevent certain events from happening. They are pure love.


why people don’t get a long

When people don’t get a long it is usually because something (belief and thoughts ) in their auras are opposing. We call that (we don’t like each other) but its more than that. People are here to become evolved. To become better, but most of us don’t want to change. No body ever approached us with the concept of change. So, we just remain ignorant and think we are right and fine just the way we are. If we changed the belief we would get a long.

You have great power within

what I am trying to say is when we are truly evolved, and I don’t believe this ever happens completely, we should be able to get a long with anybody. I wrote this blog post to to let you know you have a power within you, that is limitless. You don’t have to be a slave to things you don’t like. you have the power to change them. I want to leave you with something that will help you. However I do plan to be a healer of energy somehow….in the near future so I don’t want to reveal all my secrets.

If you are every feeling low in energy and need a quick boost to complete a task do this….

  1. sit in a chair close your eyes, if you are exhausted, and just keep telling yourself “I am pure energy 10x”
  2. After that open your eyes and say….”I have all the energy I need to complete this task” 10x

Try that!

You are more than what you look like, you are capable of a lot of things. We are all here to grow and to help each other and to come closer to God. I hope this blog post made sense. Now I gotta go figure out how to get $700.00 by the end of July so I can buy some much needed things for my kind of sort of vacation.I have a surprise coming for you guys, its a new blog. Love and Light.

People will dislike you


People will love and hate you for all kinds of reasons. Its great when they love us, cause they will probably have lots of nice things to say about us, excuse us for our ignorance, and enjoy being in our company. But, what about when someone doesn’t like us? Let me tell you, people are going to like, and not like you for all types of reasons. Things you can help, things you cant help. Things that don’t mean anything to you, but mean a great deal to them. Things you say, and things you don’t say….the list goes on and on.

Let me give you some examples from the bible and from things I have seen around me lately.

  1. People will dislike you if you are poor
  2. People will dislike you when you have money
  3. People will dislike you if you are ugly
  4. People will dislike you if you are pretty
  5. people will like you if they think your hair is nicer than theirs
  6. people will dislike you if they think you are smarter than them
  7. people will dislike you if they feel your English accent is better sounding than theirs
  8. people will dislike  you because you are happy

People have different value systems.


The bottom line is everybody has a different value system. You are not going to please everybody. Some people are very unreasonable in their thinking and chances are you cannot change them. Some people don’t mind talking poorly about others, but cannot stand for another to speak poorly of them.

Be your best self at all times. Even if you make a mistake, still show the negative thinkers that you have the mind and the ability to move forward and not get stuck on something that isn’t serving you…something many of these negative people are incapable of doing themselves.

Sometimes even when you try to please people you cant, because the rest of their points to hit are in their head and they are not sharing them with you because it will make them look shallow. Just do you, love your self, look forward and live magical. Stay positive. Let your happiness shine.


















My Relationship with God


I never thought I would be blogging about this, but Its really become a big part of who I am, actually the best part of who I am. I really thought he was finished with me, and me finished with him, but that is not so. God, is the best part of me. Here is how is working in my life.

  1. God has a plan for my life – I never really had any plan for my life. I know God does, because he doesn’t allow me to do certain things, and has kept a common theme of spirituality in my life. I have tried over 20 times to write a book on the subconscious mind and energy…he wont let me do it, but if I can somehow make it about him, he will allow me to do it. His plan for my life is, “working” in my life.
  2. God is greater than me– God is so much greater than me. He can do things I cannot do. I am tough girl, I think I know it all and can do it all alone. No, I was wrong, when I work with and through God, I am capable of doing things my mind cannot even imagine.
  3. I have a Higher Standard of Being – This is my favorite. God has given me a higher standard for loving my self and living. I dress better, want to look better, act better, talk better, am more open, more friendly, try to speak, clean and clear and positive.
  4. I am More Creative/Fulfill a Mission – God has me doing his work. My life is not about me anymore. If it was I would be sucking back a beer at 7:00am and then sitting around all day watching YouTube. God gives me work. I love that!
  5. God Gives me energy – Do you know how many times I think I have no energy to do things, and there I am thinking about Gods love for me and all of a sudden I have tons of energy? God is energy, so he must be able to give it too right?
  6. God Makes me happy – I am a happier person to be around. I like to see people get along. I try to leave my ego out of my interactions. I try to make people see the positive in themselves. I smile more. I like people now. I really didn’t like too many people before.


I know many people are not all that into God. But let me tell you I am no Religion freak. But the power of God, is like having a really big caring friend, that can pull allot of strings for you, and do things on your behalf that you cant do.
Its really amazing. I am not a Christian, but I do practice and believe in the power of God.

Life is magical and wonderful. Find what works for you. If you don’t have anything yet, try God. Just call him by his name and tell him what you want.

share love.

Extraordinary you!

extraordinaryI now know my life was not meant to be average. But, the whole time I was trying desperately to be like everybody else.


  1. Even though I knew certain spiritual activities  that made me happy, made others miserable
  2. Even though I knew I was being inspired to write spiritual book upon spiritual book
  3. Even though I knew the spirit realm (ancestors & angels ) loved me, and were with me
  4. Even though I knew God was there training me to live a more spiritual life, as his servant and messenger.
  5. Even though I enjoyed spending time meditating and experiencing oneness….I could go on and on….


…I was still trying to be like everybody else. Some of us are not meant to be like everybody else. Some of us are meant to be extraordinary, outstanding, a cut above the rest. If you are one of those people who try’s to “fit in”, my advice is…just accept yourself. Stop trying to fight it. Put on the armour of love and positive energy…and let God be your Guide. Greatness is achievable, and normal and ok. Not everybody is here to be average. Keep moving forward. And remember, your life will have whatever purpose and meaning that you allow it to. You can leave a legacy….or you can just be average.

Until next time. Stay magical. Stay Happy. Share Love and positive Energy.



Better than before


I have not rehearsed this blog post. I will simply share with you how I plan to be better than before. Sometimes we go through things in life and we wonder… How did I let that happen. This is a list of 9 things I made this morning how I will be better than before. Basically I plan to do the opposite of everything I was doing before.


  1. No exercise – I plan to exercise 2 hours a day of walking until I reach the weight I desire
  2. No Bible study – In the past, consistent daily bible study has given me strength, focus and creativity
  3. I put my self last – Now I will put my own well being first, instead of others and instead of wondering what others will think of me if I do
  4. Not listening to music – In the past, listening to music has helped me to listen to the words of others who understand my journey, and to know I am not alone. It has also inspired me to write my own music
  5. Eating out/Fast food – I love to eat out. But, really it costs a lot of money, andhappy smiling
  6. contributes to a high calorie intake. Now I will eat fruits and vegetables on the go, and be aware of my calorie intake for the day.
  7. Thinking of the past – Now I will think of the future, and focus on what I want to achieve instead of dwelling on the past and wishing I could relive it.
  8. “Letting my self Go” – For a long time I didn’t care about my appearance. I figured work was the most important thing, and that nothing else really mattered. Lets face it…in this world looks and appearances do matter.
  9. Being Lazy – I have a habit of being lazy and stating it. Now I will not call my self “lazy”, instead I will try to accomplish the task.Sexy-Ab-Workout-for-a-Strong-Core
  10. Stating what I cannot do – This is life…its happening right now. I will not state what I cannot do. Instead I will say I can do such and such. I will achieve more that way and speak more positively about my self because I know self commands are powerful.

There is a lot more things I will change. For now that is what I will share with you. My goal is to remake myself “Better than Before.” I know I am doing it.

Life is Magical. Believe in yourself. You can achieve any goal you set your mind to. Please check out my blog post called “Forgiveness Journaling”.

How to write a blog post: Tips from a newbie


Ok. So, I hope this doesn’t bore you too bad. You have probably read a million and one “how to write a blog post” posts. Well, I will put my two sense in because I could not decide what to write this morning. It was either this or bible scripture. So, here it is…a newbies perspective on how to create a blog post. Enjoy.

  1. Informative and simplistic title – Ok so I try to title my blog posts, in a way that makes sense and lets readers know exactly what they will encounter. This way readers know what to look forward too. Oh, and keep it simple
  2. Insert Large Related Photos  – I love searching  “Google images” for great photos towoman-typing-on-laptop-3 match my blog posts. Insert at least 3 and let them be big. People enjoy looking at photos as they read.
  3. Blog positive – People like reading positive things. Positive reading makes us feel spiritual.jpglifted up when we have finished the article. Create positive uplifting blog posts, and people will be inspired by, and remember, your blog.
  4. List It! – People like to read blog posts that have a list because it makes them feel like they are getting the most important information fast. We live in a fast world my friends.
  5. Share Personal Experiences – People like to read about personal experiences because we are human and always desire to take a peak into someone elses life experience. Blogging is an opportunity to connect with others through our personal experiences.
  6. Share how you Overcome something – People enjoy reading about how you (thespiritual2 blogger) overcame something, created something, or learned something. It makes us feel like we to can overcome the same thing, or something similar too. It gives readers hope. Like the blog post I wrote called Preistess Power: “How I became Empowered.”
  7. Be original – Be yourself. There is nobody like you. I like talking about the relationship I have with my ancestors in my blog posts. I think people like to read about it in my blog posts because, it gives another perspective…one that is also spiritual and original.happy
  8. End on a positive note – Blog posts that end on a positive note leave readers feeling positive inside when they have finished reading. We bloggers want this because we want readers to like our blog posts and subscribe to out blog, and even share our posts with friends…right? I like to say. Stay Magical, or share love, or love and light.

Thats a newbies perspective….hope I did alright. Love light and magic.



Forgiveness Journal-ing


Hi guys. Its not morning. Its 6:00pm on Sunday. I have some great news for you. My Ancestors gave me something just for you.

  • Last night I posed a question to them: “Tell me somethings I can do to make money?”
  • Response: “…Forgiveness Journal-ing.”

Naturally I spun this around in my head at least 8 times in 10 minutes, on how I could use this to make money. I couldn’t figure it out. Then I realized, they were giving me something to help others. So, this one is for you.

Here is the outline I created for forgiveness Journal-ing. They (my ancestors) called it forgiveness journal, I added the “ing.”


I recently experienced an incident where a woman was making negative comments about me and to me about others. For a week I ignored here because of my spiritual beliefs. Then I reached a point where I had had enough. My ancestors know this is out of character for me…so I think they are also just giving me a chance to wrap up the thoughts and feelings about the incident, and learn from that experience. I hope this all makes sense. But, I still know this is for you guys too.

Forgiveness Journal-ing outline:

  1. Write out the incident in detail that you want forgiveness about, that you want to release and move past, or that was a negative experience for you.
  2. Write down all the mistakes you made that contributed to the incident.
  3. Write down all the mistakes of the other person (other people) that contributed to the incident.
  4. Write down why you want forgiveness for the incident.
  5. How would you handle a similar situation in the future now that you have had this experience?
  6. How would you handle the same experience differently with more love?
  7. Now go and do something nice for somebody else.
  8. Come back and write down how doing that nice thing for the other person made you feel.
  9. Now ask the Universe to help you release the feelings over the incident that occurred, and ask the universe to forgive you for your past mistakes.

“Universe please help me to release these feelings about ( incident that occurred)

Universe please forgive me for all of my past mistakes.

Thank you.”

(Steps 7,8 and 9 are optional. I added them just now.)Woman-praising-in-sunshine-ss_159078203-e1425484730774

I hope this “Forgiveness Journal-ing” makes sense. I hope it helps, 5 or 50, or 500, or 5000, or 50,000 or 500,000 people. I really don’t see how its suppose to make me money, but not everything is about money. Sometimes we just have to serve God, and help each other.

Keep living a magical life. Always give and share love.

Check out my blog post Priestess Magic: how I became empowered.




Priestess Power: how I became empowered

priestess empoweredIt was a process…it was out of some thing’s unfortunate that I found my worth. I have always had a deep relationship with God and my ancestors (spirit guides). For many years I struggled to live fulfilled and have money. One day I decided there must be some answer within me, that will help me to overcome anything because it is impossible that God made me to suffer and to struggle.

The dream that changed my life

I began reading books on spirituality, and manifesting. After that I began conducting my own experiments outside of what I was reading. The thing that really changed me or allowed me to know who I was, was a dream. In the dream I was pure energy. I could fly…I interacted with one other energy source. I could sense that this energy form had more “capabilities” than me. It let me know that it was going somewhere but would not take me because of lower level thinking.

I am, and you are, pure energy

two spiritsInitially this dream scared me I thought “I am not getting into heaven.” But, later, I realized I am pure energy. When you accept your self as pure energy you will accept that you actually are capable of much more than you thought. Here is some of my thinking that has changed that has helped me to become the magical priestess that I am.

  • I now understand that the power to be who I want to be is inside of me, not outside of me
  • I now understand that abundance and prosperity is mine if I believe its already mine
  • I know that everything is energy and that I can manipulate anything I want including my pay check
  • I understand that all my experience are a result of my belief’s thoughts and efforts
  • I know there are universal laws at play that we must acknowledge in order to not struggle and have the universe provide for us.

I am now empowered, through my inner power

pure energyIn all of this, and remaking my self according to my new beliefs I always was a priestess, but I became empowered. Here is one belief I will share with you that is in the bible. Act as if you are, ask as if you already have it…and so it will be. Life is beautiful now. I ask for things and I receive them or something very close to it. I have always wanted  to help people. There is great power in training your subconscious mind, most of us just don’t know how to do it.

Life is easy!

happy smilingemail me if you would like to learn how to train your subconscious mind for any goal, including making more money or living the life you have always dreamed of. I am living my dream life. I don’t “work” I blog when I want to. I am married to my dream husband. I love life, I eat what I want. I vacation when I want. I know I can have or accomplish anything I want. Just using some very simple principles and techniques we all can do. I help people train their subconscious mind.

Life is beautiful and magical. Until next time.

How to make life more beautiful

Hey folks, its morning again, and I hope to share with you something that will improve your life. So, lets get right to it.


Today I was on my way to work and running late. I figured I would catch  quick meditation in the public bathroom downstairs in the MC Donald’s at Yonge south of Bloor. There is never another customer in there every time I go in. Maybe I am too early. who knows. So, this morning I realized just how loud they had the radio music turned up. Needless to say, that didn’t help m meditation. By the way, I still haven’t meditated yet this morning.

So, anyway as I was feeling pissed off ad wondering when and where I was going to get a meditation in today. Then I thought “that loud music kind of sounds nice.” they were playing the song that goes…“when you want it the most there is no easy way out….and that’s the way it is…..” Maybe you know it….Anyway, It made me realize what a lack of music there has been in my life lately.

Every day I focus on mainly 3 things

  • Exercise
  • Wor/blogging
  • Relaxation
  • Eating a bunch of Junk food too (but I didn’t really mention that ok)

I forgot how amazing it can feel to just blast your favorite song while driving in your car, or in your living room as you cook. OMG… have I gotten that busy?

I would like to share with you 5 things I have done in the past that help me have a beautiful day.

  • Spend the entire day watching old talk shows on youtube (Heraldo, Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake)
  • play my favorite song like 10 time in a row (super bass by Nikki Minaj, Umbrella by Rihanna, or I cant remember her name…she is really pretty and has blue eyes…her video is like outer space…) You know who I’m talking about.
  • Journal 3 pages about lessons I learned from a negative experience
  • Take a female friend out for dinner
  • Spend a Saturday night watching a few of my favorite movies from the 80’s back to back (the break fast club, sixteen candles, weird science)
  • Go to the book store on a Sunday morning order a coffee ad spend a few hours reading bits of books that are of interest to me (entrepreneurship, how to become more psychic, quick tips to be more fit)
  • Feeding the birds at the park as an act of God and sharing food


Meditating feels good, eating Junk food feels good, like chips and chocolate feels goo too, and I even enjoy my work. However there are other “experiences” that make life beautiful that I want to embrace too. So, I will have to remember to take time out for other beautiful things and beautiful experiences. Life really is about beautiful experiences isn’t it?

Thanks for reading another blog post by priestess magic. Have a magical day.

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