Big Anouncement: Calling all souls…


Listen, God is calling all souls now. He is willing to accept you just the way you are and work with you at whatever point you are at.

I got married, stopped reading my bible, started drinking 2 beers a night. I was vain went shopping for no reason…I already had everything. I fell in lust with my Husband. God actually took me back. I didn’t say a prayer or anything. He is using me to do his work now. But the real reason I am writing this post is because I know energies are moving at great speed now. I am talking about good and bad energies. God is accepting souls. He will work with you. He is not harsh and unforgiving (not now) like we know him to be. Please, if you are seeking God and want to have a loving relationship with him, now is the time. He will just accept you. God is transforming my life. He is giving me promotions, letting me in on secrets, inspiring me to write books. God is amazing. I don’t believe in giving people prayers but if you want you can say…


“God I know your power, presence, and mercy is so great.

Please accept me, and work with me to be more like you.

Fill me up with your love and let me know you are there.

Guide me so that I am found fit to enter  your Holy Kingdom.

Thank you Lord.”

I am not someone who says the name of  “Jesus Christ” that much, but you can if it feels right for you. God is accepting people as they are now. Say the prayer out loud, he will show you. Please check out my blog post called “Energies at Play around you.”

Love and blessings.


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