Energies at play around you

priestess empowered

I write this blog post at 2:36 pm. I know you are thinking don’t you have anything better to do at 2:36 in the afternoon. Its my day off folks. There are many energies at work. I am telling you about them because I would rather you take advantage of them than than live a life you don’t like because of some energies around you causing stuff to happen etc. let me if I can name the different types of energies that hang around

  1. Aura Energy – comes from beliefs and thoughts we hold on to and have
  2. Ancestors (spirit guides) – We all have them. they will influence you because its their job to. Most Spirit guides have really old souls. That is why you often find people love old things, old music, old cars, older women, old towns etc You get it.
  3. Earth bound souls – Its is not with happiness I write about this, but they do exist too.These are usually unhappy souls, that hang around causing negative things to happen or assisting us in causing negative things to happen. They are in spirit and unhappy, and enjoy attention from he physical world.
  4. There are good souls – don’t think all souls hanging around are bad. There are good ones too.
  5. Angels – Angels exist too. But they don’t just hang around. They are usually called in (by God) to prevent certain events from happening. They are pure love.


why people don’t get a long

When people don’t get a long it is usually because something (belief and thoughts ) in their auras are opposing. We call that (we don’t like each other) but its more than that. People are here to become evolved. To become better, but most of us don’t want to change. No body ever approached us with the concept of change. So, we just remain ignorant and think we are right and fine just the way we are. If we changed the belief we would get a long.

You have great power within

what I am trying to say is when we are truly evolved, and I don’t believe this ever happens completely, we should be able to get a long with anybody. I wrote this blog post to to let you know you have a power within you, that is limitless. You don’t have to be a slave to things you don’t like. you have the power to change them. I want to leave you with something that will help you. However I do plan to be a healer of energy somehow….in the near future so I don’t want to reveal all my secrets.

If you are every feeling low in energy and need a quick boost to complete a task do this….

  1. sit in a chair close your eyes, if you are exhausted, and just keep telling yourself “I am pure energy 10x”
  2. After that open your eyes and say….”I have all the energy I need to complete this task” 10x

Try that!

You are more than what you look like, you are capable of a lot of things. We are all here to grow and to help each other and to come closer to God. I hope this blog post made sense. Now I gotta go figure out how to get $700.00 by the end of July so I can buy some much needed things for my kind of sort of vacation.I have a surprise coming for you guys, its a new blog. Love and Light.


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