People will dislike you


People will love and hate you for all kinds of reasons. Its great when they love us, cause they will probably have lots of nice things to say about us, excuse us for our ignorance, and enjoy being in our company. But, what about when someone doesn’t like us? Let me tell you, people are going to like, and not like you for all types of reasons. Things you can help, things you cant help. Things that don’t mean anything to you, but mean a great deal to them. Things you say, and things you don’t say….the list goes on and on.

Let me give you some examples from the bible and from things I have seen around me lately.

  1. People will dislike you if you are poor
  2. People will dislike you when you have money
  3. People will dislike you if you are ugly
  4. People will dislike you if you are pretty
  5. people will like you if they think your hair is nicer than theirs
  6. people will dislike you if they think you are smarter than them
  7. people will dislike you if they feel your English accent is better sounding than theirs
  8. people will dislike  you because you are happy

People have different value systems.


The bottom line is everybody has a different value system. You are not going to please everybody. Some people are very unreasonable in their thinking and chances are you cannot change them. Some people don’t mind talking poorly about others, but cannot stand for another to speak poorly of them.

Be your best self at all times. Even if you make a mistake, still show the negative thinkers that you have the mind and the ability to move forward and not get stuck on something that isn’t serving you…something many of these negative people are incapable of doing themselves.

Sometimes even when you try to please people you cant, because the rest of their points to hit are in their head and they are not sharing them with you because it will make them look shallow. Just do you, love your self, look forward and live magical. Stay positive. Let your happiness shine.



















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