My Relationship with God


I never thought I would be blogging about this, but Its really become a big part of who I am, actually the best part of who I am. I really thought he was finished with me, and me finished with him, but that is not so. God, is the best part of me. Here is how is working in my life.

  1. God has a plan for my life – I never really had any plan for my life. I know God does, because he doesn’t allow me to do certain things, and has kept a common theme of spirituality in my life. I have tried over 20 times to write a book on the subconscious mind and energy…he wont let me do it, but if I can somehow make it about him, he will allow me to do it. His plan for my life is, “working” in my life.
  2. God is greater than me– God is so much greater than me. He can do things I cannot do. I am tough girl, I think I know it all and can do it all alone. No, I was wrong, when I work with and through God, I am capable of doing things my mind cannot even imagine.
  3. I have a Higher Standard of Being – This is my favorite. God has given me a higher standard for loving my self and living. I dress better, want to look better, act better, talk better, am more open, more friendly, try to speak, clean and clear and positive.
  4. I am More Creative/Fulfill a Mission – God has me doing his work. My life is not about me anymore. If it was I would be sucking back a beer at 7:00am and then sitting around all day watching YouTube. God gives me work. I love that!
  5. God Gives me energy – Do you know how many times I think I have no energy to do things, and there I am thinking about Gods love for me and all of a sudden I have tons of energy? God is energy, so he must be able to give it too right?
  6. God Makes me happy – I am a happier person to be around. I like to see people get along. I try to leave my ego out of my interactions. I try to make people see the positive in themselves. I smile more. I like people now. I really didn’t like too many people before.


I know many people are not all that into God. But let me tell you I am no Religion freak. But the power of God, is like having a really big caring friend, that can pull allot of strings for you, and do things on your behalf that you cant do.
Its really amazing. I am not a Christian, but I do practice and believe in the power of God.

Life is magical and wonderful. Find what works for you. If you don’t have anything yet, try God. Just call him by his name and tell him what you want.

share love.


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