Extraordinary you!

extraordinaryI now know my life was not meant to be average. But, the whole time I was trying desperately to be like everybody else.


  1. Even though I knew certain spiritual activities  that made me happy, made others miserable
  2. Even though I knew I was being inspired to write spiritual book upon spiritual book
  3. Even though I knew the spirit realm (ancestors & angels ) loved me, and were with me
  4. Even though I knew God was there training me to live a more spiritual life, as his servant and messenger.
  5. Even though I enjoyed spending time meditating and experiencing oneness….I could go on and on….


…I was still trying to be like everybody else. Some of us are not meant to be like everybody else. Some of us are meant to be extraordinary, outstanding, a cut above the rest. If you are one of those people who try’s to “fit in”, my advice is…just accept yourself. Stop trying to fight it. Put on the armour of love and positive energy…and let God be your Guide. Greatness is achievable, and normal and ok. Not everybody is here to be average. Keep moving forward. And remember, your life will have whatever purpose and meaning that you allow it to. You can leave a legacy….or you can just be average.

Until next time. Stay magical. Stay Happy. Share Love and positive Energy.




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