Better than before


I have not rehearsed this blog post. I will simply share with you how I plan to be better than before. Sometimes we go through things in life and we wonder… How did I let that happen. This is a list of 9 things I made this morning how I will be better than before. Basically I plan to do the opposite of everything I was doing before.


  1. No exercise – I plan to exercise 2 hours a day of walking until I reach the weight I desire
  2. No Bible study – In the past, consistent daily bible study has given me strength, focus and creativity
  3. I put my self last – Now I will put my own well being first, instead of others and instead of wondering what others will think of me if I do
  4. Not listening to music – In the past, listening to music has helped me to listen to the words of others who understand my journey, and to know I am not alone. It has also inspired me to write my own music
  5. Eating out/Fast food – I love to eat out. But, really it costs a lot of money, andhappy smiling
  6. contributes to a high calorie intake. Now I will eat fruits and vegetables on the go, and be aware of my calorie intake for the day.
  7. Thinking of the past – Now I will think of the future, and focus on what I want to achieve instead of dwelling on the past and wishing I could relive it.
  8. “Letting my self Go” – For a long time I didn’t care about my appearance. I figured work was the most important thing, and that nothing else really mattered. Lets face it…in this world looks and appearances do matter.
  9. Being Lazy – I have a habit of being lazy and stating it. Now I will not call my self “lazy”, instead I will try to accomplish the task.Sexy-Ab-Workout-for-a-Strong-Core
  10. Stating what I cannot do – This is life…its happening right now. I will not state what I cannot do. Instead I will say I can do such and such. I will achieve more that way and speak more positively about my self because I know self commands are powerful.

There is a lot more things I will change. For now that is what I will share with you. My goal is to remake myself “Better than Before.” I know I am doing it.

Life is Magical. Believe in yourself. You can achieve any goal you set your mind to. Please check out my blog post called “Forgiveness Journaling”.


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