How to write a blog post: Tips from a newbie


Ok. So, I hope this doesn’t bore you too bad. You have probably read a million and one “how to write a blog post” posts. Well, I will put my two sense in because I could not decide what to write this morning. It was either this or bible scripture. So, here it is…a newbies perspective on how to create a blog post. Enjoy.

  1. Informative and simplistic title – Ok so I try to title my blog posts, in a way that makes sense and lets readers know exactly what they will encounter. This way readers know what to look forward too. Oh, and keep it simple
  2. Insert Large Related Photos  – I love searching  “Google images” for great photos towoman-typing-on-laptop-3 match my blog posts. Insert at least 3 and let them be big. People enjoy looking at photos as they read.
  3. Blog positive – People like reading positive things. Positive reading makes us feel spiritual.jpglifted up when we have finished the article. Create positive uplifting blog posts, and people will be inspired by, and remember, your blog.
  4. List It! – People like to read blog posts that have a list because it makes them feel like they are getting the most important information fast. We live in a fast world my friends.
  5. Share Personal Experiences – People like to read about personal experiences because we are human and always desire to take a peak into someone elses life experience. Blogging is an opportunity to connect with others through our personal experiences.
  6. Share how you Overcome something – People enjoy reading about how you (thespiritual2 blogger) overcame something, created something, or learned something. It makes us feel like we to can overcome the same thing, or something similar too. It gives readers hope. Like the blog post I wrote called Preistess Power: “How I became Empowered.”
  7. Be original – Be yourself. There is nobody like you. I like talking about the relationship I have with my ancestors in my blog posts. I think people like to read about it in my blog posts because, it gives another perspective…one that is also spiritual and original.happy
  8. End on a positive note – Blog posts that end on a positive note leave readers feeling positive inside when they have finished reading. We bloggers want this because we want readers to like our blog posts and subscribe to out blog, and even share our posts with friends…right? I like to say. Stay Magical, or share love, or love and light.

Thats a newbies perspective….hope I did alright. Love light and magic.




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