Forgiveness Journal-ing


Hi guys. Its not morning. Its 6:00pm on Sunday. I have some great news for you. My Ancestors gave me something just for you.

  • Last night I posed a question to them: “Tell me somethings I can do to make money?”
  • Response: “…Forgiveness Journal-ing.”

Naturally I spun this around in my head at least 8 times in 10 minutes, on how I could use this to make money. I couldn’t figure it out. Then I realized, they were giving me something to help others. So, this one is for you.

Here is the outline I created for forgiveness Journal-ing. They (my ancestors) called it forgiveness journal, I added the “ing.”


I recently experienced an incident where a woman was making negative comments about me and to me about others. For a week I ignored here because of my spiritual beliefs. Then I reached a point where I had had enough. My ancestors know this is out of character for me…so I think they are also just giving me a chance to wrap up the thoughts and feelings about the incident, and learn from that experience. I hope this all makes sense. But, I still know this is for you guys too.

Forgiveness Journal-ing outline:

  1. Write out the incident in detail that you want forgiveness about, that you want to release and move past, or that was a negative experience for you.
  2. Write down all the mistakes you made that contributed to the incident.
  3. Write down all the mistakes of the other person (other people) that contributed to the incident.
  4. Write down why you want forgiveness for the incident.
  5. How would you handle a similar situation in the future now that you have had this experience?
  6. How would you handle the same experience differently with more love?
  7. Now go and do something nice for somebody else.
  8. Come back and write down how doing that nice thing for the other person made you feel.
  9. Now ask the Universe to help you release the feelings over the incident that occurred, and ask the universe to forgive you for your past mistakes.

“Universe please help me to release these feelings about ( incident that occurred)

Universe please forgive me for all of my past mistakes.

Thank you.”

(Steps 7,8 and 9 are optional. I added them just now.)Woman-praising-in-sunshine-ss_159078203-e1425484730774

I hope this “Forgiveness Journal-ing” makes sense. I hope it helps, 5 or 50, or 500, or 5000, or 50,000 or 500,000 people. I really don’t see how its suppose to make me money, but not everything is about money. Sometimes we just have to serve God, and help each other.

Keep living a magical life. Always give and share love.

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