Priestess Power: how I became empowered

priestess empoweredIt was a process…it was out of some thing’s unfortunate that I found my worth. I have always had a deep relationship with God and my ancestors (spirit guides). For many years I struggled to live fulfilled and have money. One day I decided there must be some answer within me, that will help me to overcome anything because it is impossible that God made me to suffer and to struggle.

The dream that changed my life

I began reading books on spirituality, and manifesting. After that I began conducting my own experiments outside of what I was reading. The thing that really changed me or allowed me to know who I was, was a dream. In the dream I was pure energy. I could fly…I interacted with one other energy source. I could sense that this energy form had more “capabilities” than me. It let me know that it was going somewhere but would not take me because of lower level thinking.

I am, and you are, pure energy

two spiritsInitially this dream scared me I thought “I am not getting into heaven.” But, later, I realized I am pure energy. When you accept your self as pure energy you will accept that you actually are capable of much more than you thought. Here is some of my thinking that has changed that has helped me to become the magical priestess that I am.

  • I now understand that the power to be who I want to be is inside of me, not outside of me
  • I now understand that abundance and prosperity is mine if I believe its already mine
  • I know that everything is energy and that I can manipulate anything I want including my pay check
  • I understand that all my experience are a result of my belief’s thoughts and efforts
  • I know there are universal laws at play that we must acknowledge in order to not struggle and have the universe provide for us.

I am now empowered, through my inner power

pure energyIn all of this, and remaking my self according to my new beliefs I always was a priestess, but I became empowered. Here is one belief I will share with you that is in the bible. Act as if you are, ask as if you already have it…and so it will be. Life is beautiful now. I ask for things and I receive them or something very close to it. I have always wanted  to help people. There is great power in training your subconscious mind, most of us just don’t know how to do it.

Life is easy!

happy smilingemail me if you would like to learn how to train your subconscious mind for any goal, including making more money or living the life you have always dreamed of. I am living my dream life. I don’t “work” I blog when I want to. I am married to my dream husband. I love life, I eat what I want. I vacation when I want. I know I can have or accomplish anything I want. Just using some very simple principles and techniques we all can do. I help people train their subconscious mind.

Life is beautiful and magical. Until next time.


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