How to make life more beautiful

Hey folks, its morning again, and I hope to share with you something that will improve your life. So, lets get right to it.


Today I was on my way to work and running late. I figured I would catch  quick meditation in the public bathroom downstairs in the MC Donald’s at Yonge south of Bloor. There is never another customer in there every time I go in. Maybe I am too early. who knows. So, this morning I realized just how loud they had the radio music turned up. Needless to say, that didn’t help m meditation. By the way, I still haven’t meditated yet this morning.

So, anyway as I was feeling pissed off ad wondering when and where I was going to get a meditation in today. Then I thought “that loud music kind of sounds nice.” they were playing the song that goes…“when you want it the most there is no easy way out….and that’s the way it is…..” Maybe you know it….Anyway, It made me realize what a lack of music there has been in my life lately.

Every day I focus on mainly 3 things

  • Exercise
  • Wor/blogging
  • Relaxation
  • Eating a bunch of Junk food too (but I didn’t really mention that ok)

I forgot how amazing it can feel to just blast your favorite song while driving in your car, or in your living room as you cook. OMG… have I gotten that busy?

I would like to share with you 5 things I have done in the past that help me have a beautiful day.

  • Spend the entire day watching old talk shows on youtube (Heraldo, Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake)
  • play my favorite song like 10 time in a row (super bass by Nikki Minaj, Umbrella by Rihanna, or I cant remember her name…she is really pretty and has blue eyes…her video is like outer space…) You know who I’m talking about.
  • Journal 3 pages about lessons I learned from a negative experience
  • Take a female friend out for dinner
  • Spend a Saturday night watching a few of my favorite movies from the 80’s back to back (the break fast club, sixteen candles, weird science)
  • Go to the book store on a Sunday morning order a coffee ad spend a few hours reading bits of books that are of interest to me (entrepreneurship, how to become more psychic, quick tips to be more fit)
  • Feeding the birds at the park as an act of God and sharing food


Meditating feels good, eating Junk food feels good, like chips and chocolate feels goo too, and I even enjoy my work. However there are other “experiences” that make life beautiful that I want to embrace too. So, I will have to remember to take time out for other beautiful things and beautiful experiences. Life really is about beautiful experiences isn’t it?

Thanks for reading another blog post by priestess magic. Have a magical day.

check out my blog post from yesterday. Spiritual healing ad refreshment





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