spiritual healing and refreshment

spiritual healing

As a priestess of magic, I am very aware that many of us at some time or another need a spiritual refreshment. We may be having problems at work, problems in a relationship, problems with self esteem etc. The question is if we desire a spiritual renewal or spiritual refreshment, how can we get it? As a woman who embraces spirituality, I know there are two ways to achieve this.

  1. Train the subconscious mind to deal with whatever problem we are facing
  2. We can have whats called a spiritual bath

A spiritual bath will

  • Use energies around you to make things easier
  • Make you appear brand new
  • effects are immediate

Subconscious mind training

  • Effects can be immediate
  • Requires consistent efforts for at least 2 weeks
  • Influences the people around you through your subconscious
  • Effects can be long term.


I offer some spiritual baths on my website, which is under construction right now. Sorry about that. But I, only sell the ingredients. You can go to your local new age shop and purchase the herbs.

I am in the process of teaching others how to train their subconscious mind, because subconscious mind training has improved my life tremendously. Every is better.

There is spiritual refreshment available to you. You just have to choose whice method you would like to use to get it done.

Until next time (tomorrow) have a magical day.


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